S2 E14 - Water Bottles

Hosts Harry Robinson and Jack Tait try and fail to describe a 1-1 draw at home to [insert team name here] in another way that isn’t frustrating.

Oh, hold on, that’s just the new template for our show’s description. This week it was [West Ham United] at home.

They also talk about the positives of a generally good, but, erm, frustrating week at Old Trafford. It wouldn’t be a Manchester United discussion without something on Paul Pogba so, of course, the Frenchman comes up.

Looking further back, United beat Feyenoord 4-0 with a wonderful performance from Henrikh Mkhitaryan who is praised, as are Daley Blind and Michael Carrick.

Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho has been charged for kicking a water bottle and apparently is not seen differently to other managers by the FA… ahem.

As always, there is a comprehensive youth and loan round-up as the under-18s score four again and the under-23s draw 2-2 vs Reading.

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