Masculinity and the working class with Associate Professor Steven Roberts

Nelly is feeling blue, Shane comes out, Dave forgot to do his homework and we’re joined by special guest Steven Roberts – an Associate Professor who is still just Jenny from the Block.

Steven Roberts is a Pom from the wrong side of the tracks who has ended up in Australian Academia.

He is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Monash University but almost very nearly didn’t finish school.

Steven was chosen for a prestigious select entry government school but found the experience entirely alienating (think Barracuda) and his grades plummeted.

He went from there to tech school to work and eventually, all the way to a PhD.

His research interests are class, masculinity and how they intersect and on this episode we chat to him about class in Australia compared to the UK, working class masculinity and about becoming a new dad.

Finally, someone actually qualified joins the podcast.


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