So, is our land harming or HEALING us?

Last episode, we explored what it means to belong to land - to find safety, to feel settled, to lay down roots and build a life. Building on this foundation, in this episode we are exploring what it means to go beyond survival and begin to find healing.

With climate change at the top of the world's political agenda, we're increasingly becoming aware of the damage and destruction that we are causing to the planet. We've heard the cries for us to stop and heal the earth - but in that process can we also heal ourselves? Are they synonymous? Or does one lead to the other? 

We put these questions to Farzana Khan, from Healing Justice, and Nicki Myers from Disabled People Against Cuts.


Learn - what is healing? (5 mins)

Discuss - Nicki Myers, DPAC Cambrigeshire and Essex (12 mins 15 secs) find them on Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter

Farzana Khan, Healing Justice (47 mins 30 secs) find them on Facebook (organisation)/ Instagram (organisation) Instagram (personal)/ Twitter (organisation)/ Twitter (personal)

Share - what can we all do? (1 hour 25 mins)


Things we mentioned*:

Maslow's hierarchy of need; Abolitionism; Social Model of Disability; Join a local branch of DPAC;  Social Prescribing; Then Barbara Met Alan (BBC Film); Lobby your MP; Tune into Local Authority Planning; Disability News Service; Arts on Prescription; Farming on Prescription; Medicine Stories (Aurora Levins Morales); Phytology; We Level Up; Ubele; Black Roots; LION; Ruth Wilson Gilmore; Rabia Marley; Calaban and the Witch (Sylvia Federici); The Wild Edge of Sorrow (Frances Weller); Rehearsing Freedom by Healing Justice London.

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