USR 169: Unraveling The Online Marketing Maze To Make Real Money Online

This is a big topic and there is a lot to it - but if you're looking to unravel the online marketing maze for yourself, I've simplified everything for you.


I remember a few years ago when I began growing my business online and it sounded, felt, and looked like a completely different language - I felt confused and left wondering if I would ever get to the point where I would be able to say, “that really worked for me.”


In this episode, I will walk you through EXACTLY how to get started taking your business online with doable steps that won't add hours to your already busy schedule. We'll clarify what it means to build a list, how to identify what your brand actually is, and how to create resources for your target market that perfectly compliment their needs and what you do. 


Some of the things we'll be covering today include clarifying your brand, what you need to do vs. what isn't necessary in your "funnel," and how to naturally funnel all of your opt-ins to a conversion event with you.


Required: a willingness to put the pieces in place

Not Required: a fancy sales page, the most expensive email marketing software or an existing list - among other things you may have been led to believe are mandatory.


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