Doug Johnstone: Actually, it is Rocket Science!

Nuclear physics, music journalism, music and writing - there’s no end to Doug Johnstone’s talents. He chats to Theresa about all these very different aspects of his life. We also hear about the stroke he had at the beginning of lockdown and how he finished the first draft of a new novel while recovering. This is the final part of the Skelf family saga. We first met the Skelf women in A Dark Matter (2019) where, after a sudden death, three generations of women from the Skelf clan took over the family funeral and private investigation business. The book was shortlisted for this year’s McIlvanney Prize. The Big Chill (2020), the second book in the trilogy, is out now. With 12 novels under his belt, Doug has been described as ‘a master of the page-turning, heart-gripping, plot-driven tale’. His recommended book is Helen Fitzgerald’s Worst Case Scenario.

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