Graeme Macrae Burnet: Just Too Tall to be a Spy!

Graeme caught the attention of the world in 2016 when his second novel, His Bloody Project, was shorted-listed for the Booker Prize. He may not have carried off the award that year, but his book sold more than those of the other five finalists combined! It’s the week before the Booker Prize is announced, and with another Scottish author in the running, Theresa hears about the glitz and glamour of Graeme’s experience at London’s Guildhall (it will be a more modest affair this year, with no grub and booze). Graeme’s book recommendation is John Le Carre’s The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. This leads to an intriguing discussion on how Theresa could be a great asset for British Intelligence! Graeme’s fourth novel, Case Study (Saraband), is out next October - we’ll hear what it’s about. And if you happen upon Graeme somewhere reading old copies of the Women’s’s research - honest! 

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