The Abduction of Herbert Schirmer

Welcome to Unsolved Mysteries of the World Season 6 Episode 2: The Abduction of Herbert Schirmer

It was a cold night on December 3rd, 1967 and it was especially cold at 2:20AM in Ashland Nebraska.

Herbert Schirmer was a young, 22 year-old patrolman making the usual rounds. The streets were pretty much empty, the local businesses were all closed. Everyone was tucked in beds covered in blankets. He passed by the only open business this late at night, a gas station on highway 6. There were, as usual, no customers.

He then noticed something odd in the distance. It looked like red lights flashing upon a large truck. Was it an ambulance? A tow truck? What had happened? He drove down highway 63 until he came upon the scene with his headlights now flicked on to high beam. It was definitely not a truck.

The red lights he had seen flashing were coming from oval-shaped portholes cut into what appeared to be a metallic, oval-shaped object that was hovering about eight feet above the road's surface.

Patrolman Schirmer noted that the object appeared to be made of aluminum, had a small walkway around it, and below, some sort of landing gear. Getting ready to call in the incident, the object rose up with flames shooting out the bottom end and then it suddenly swooshed right over his patrol car.

He looked out his window and in his mirrors but noted that the object was so fast, he did not know where it went. Deciding not to call it in, but because of what he saw, he returned to the police station.

He drove back and within minutes arrived at the station to make his report. He glanced at the station clock to note the time. It was 3AM and he was baffled that it took him, what he believed to be mere minutes to arrive back at the station, yet, all the clocks indicated time had passed.

In his report, he indicated he saw what he believed to be a flying saucer. After his brief report was written up he noted that there was a red welt on his neck, he developed a severe headache and was feeling ill.

He decided that he would not return back to duty until the next day.

Months passed and word got to the US Airforce that a patrolman had seen a flying saucer and that his eye-witness testimony was valid. The Condon Commission at the University of Colorado, who was tasked at the time to investigate and mostly discredit UFO reports asked him to come to Boulder Colorado to retell his UFO encounter.

On February 13, 1968, after being interrogated by several officials, the patrolman was asked to undergo hypnosis under the guidance of Wyoming University psychologist Leo Sprinkle.eo Sprinkle of the University of Wyoming.

Under hypnosis, Schirmer recalled that, after he stopped his car near the object, the engine died and his radio went silent. A white object emerged from the craft and seemed to communicate mentally with him, preventing him from drawing his gun as he attempting to do.

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