Ep. 1 - Self-kindness & habit change during lockdown with Shahroo Izadi

Welcome to Unprecedented! The new podcast hosted by Angelica Malin, Editor-in-Chief of About Time Magazine and Founder of #SheStartedItLIVE. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented support, and through this twice-weekly mini series, Angelica will be chatting to the leading lights in a variety of fields about how to not just survive these tough times, but thrive.

Kicking of the season, Angelica is chatting to Shahroo Izadi, a behavioural change coach, best-selling author and expert in self-kindness. If you've found yourself battling unwanted habits in lockdown, whether that's reaching for the vino every night, constantly opening the cookie jar or fighting with your in-laws, this episode is for you. Uncover the secrets of creating lasting change in your life and how to practice more self-kindness, compassion and self-soothing during a stressful time.

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