by Angelica Malin
Welcome to Unprecedented! The new podcast hosted by Angelica Malin, Editor-in-Chief of About Time Magazine and Founder of #SheStartedItLIVE festivals. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented support, and through this twice-weekly mini series, Angelica will be chatting to the leading lights in a variety of fields about how to not just survive COVID-19, but thrive. Whether it’s getting a grip on your anxiety, navigating a change in your work situation or managing your money, this podcast will provide the insights and expertise needed to help you through these strange and challenging times. Don’t forget to rate and review Unprecedented, so more people can find the show. You can follow Angelica on social media @jellymalin on all platforms. There’s two new episodes out every week, so subscribe now so you don’t miss any of the upcoming episodes.

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