Psychic Medium & Author Bill Philipps: How to Connect with Spirit

"We Will Always Grow If We Let The Light Guide Us." I have been fascinated with death, the deceased, and the afterlife for as long as I can recall. There I was, just a young boy, seeing spirits and not knowing what to make of it! Despite my panic and fear, I thought these experiences were “normal.” I mean, didn’t every kid at school see them too? Sadly, no, others were not experiencing what I did. Even more frustrating was that I couldn’t find the right words to explain the feeling and sensation inside me when it happened. My mom would tell me I had watched too many scary movies. After a while, I started to accept her well-intentioned, rational explanations, and these experiences eventually faded away.
Then my world ended at the age of 14 when I suffered what I thought at the time was a horrible tragedy. Little did I know it would lead me on my life’s journey. My mom and I lived on opposite coasts when she suddenly fell ill, and I raced to her with barely enough time before she passed away. Upon her death, I was at a loss for words. How could she be gone? Two days later, I woke in the middle of the night to see my mom standing before my bed in spirit. I can still remember opening my eyes and seeing the room illuminated with a beautiful light. I thought I was dreaming at first but soon realized this was no dream. She spoke to me and told me she was all better and not to worry about her anymore. Over the next three years, my fascination with her death and this experience compelled me to research it further and investigate “the other side.”
I remember an experience hanging out with some friends and randomly walking into a psychic’s reading room, part of a strip mall. Before I could open my mouth, the psychic began to tell me that I was highly gifted but not ready to accept this truth about myself just yet. It would be a few years before I truly understood what she meant. Soon after I turned 18, and after feeling more and more drawn for answers, I found myself alone, attending a lecture on mediumship, or at least I thought this was a lecture. I soon realized that it was a class on developing your psychic skills and that this particular night was a special class on mediumship. How convenient! The moment I walked in, the two teachers greeted me, and both marveled at how my energy filled the room.
This lovely middle-aged woman asked me a question, and one of the teachers instructed me to close my eyes and then say what I was seeing, feeling, hearing, etc. I did precisely that, but it didn’t feel special; it was just what she told me to do. When I opened my eyes, though, the nice woman was shocked, speechless, and couldn’t believe all the validations I had just shared with her.
They referred to my suddenly validated gift as "the golden link" to the other side, and I made it my mission to hone my skills by practicing with friends. Within one month of doing professional readings, I finally accepted this was a part of who I am. This gift was my true calling, and I was grateful for the opportunity to help others.

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