Founder & CEO Iternal Technologies John Byron Hanby, IV: New Advances in AI Tech

John Byron Hanby IV is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Iternal Technologies. Iternal Technologies is accelerating competitive advantage by enabling organizations to deliver an outstanding personalized customer experience, access new customer opportunities and accelerate growth while reducing costs.

“Dell generated over $650 Million in new opportunities, 10X the number of shots on goal, no incremental cost increase, proposal creation timelines of 3-6 weeks turned into 2 days of work, with my team of just 4 Dell Employees using Iternal.” - Dayne Turbitt Fmr. SVP & GM • Dell Technologies, UK

Iternal is working with Dell, NVIDIA, AMD and many other global technology brands to accelerate sales, marketing, and business development team's ability to produce key materials by a factor of 16x+, in any language, with the click of a single button, through AI and automation. This transformation will give sellers substantially more time to dedicate to selling instead of hours of manual copy-paste roll-your-own document creation which doesn’t help drive revenue.

Hanby is a passionate innovator and creator of better ways to connect people, knowledge, ideas, and experiences. He is the Founder of Iternal Technologies and Creator of Technology as an Employee.

Throughout his film career he has won over 65 content creation awards from internationally acclaimed institutions including The Academy for Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and SXSW Film Festival. Hanby graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 3 years as the top graduate of the film department at the Moody College of Communication.

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