Author Kristen Butler: How Power of Positivity Changes Lives

Kristen Butler is an entrepreneur, leader, and visionary in personal development with a huge heart and captivating authenticity. Her mission is to uplift the planet! She is the founder and CEO of Power of Positivity. Started in 2009, today, her brands have a collective audience of over 50 million and an amazingly talented team behind the scenes. Her success can be attributed to her passion and tenacity to help others, her experience and knowledge in social media since 1998, her love for writing, and her business and journalism skills.
She passionately started Power of Positivity after completely transforming her life from rock bottom using the power of positive thinking. She was so astonished by the results of her research and mindset implementation that she felt her life’s purpose is to help others improve their lives. Kristen not only contributes her transformation to a positive mindset but her relationship with God and an active, plant-based lifestyle.

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