Shamanic Energy Healer Tina Clarke #56

Tina Clarke is a Shamanic Energy Healer and teacher. Since 2014, She has worked with and taught more than 400 clients, including more than 60 Reiki students. 

Tina Clarke "When I was young I was very sensitive and intuitive
I picked up on information that most people weren’t aware of
I was afraid of my gifts and blocked them
I had no teachers to teach me or guide me
I had to find my own way
I tried to do what my parents expected and went to school and got a good job
But I was still unhappy and dissatisfied
I could not fit my round peg into their square whole
I couldn’t not not think outside the box
I had so many ideas and so many possible solutions but no one to hear me or consider it
I realized in order to change the world I had to do it my way, not within the confines of someone else’s organization and their rules and processes
The worlds I travel in are beyond this reality but very much real
I can travel to the spirit world and get answers, guidance and healing
I can use energy healing to help shift healing in others
I can teach others to heal themselves and their loved ones
I can access divine wisdom through tools like meditation, Tarot and shamanism
I can teach others to do this as well
I can work with the land and help clear and heal, therein healing all living sentients on the planet
I continue to challenge myself, study and learn new ways to help myself, my clients and my loved ones
This is about a journey, not as just an individual, but also as a collective and I am here to guide, assist and evolve with my brothers and sisters of the human, animal and plant worlds.  All my work contributes to this.
Amen, Aho and So It IS!" 


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