#213 Fearlessness and Fighting Power (with Dr. Vandana Shiva)

This week I was fortunate to have Vandana Shiva return as a guest on the podcast. Her first interview on Under the Skin was one of my favourites, and as many of you noticed, moved me very much. Vandana is an Indian scholar, food sovereignty advocate, and environmental activist. She is author of: Oneness vs. the 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom. She is powerful, compassionate, and incredibly well educated. In this episode we talk about the real affect globalisation has on the world, the failings of COP26, the manipulation occurring at governmental levels by billionaires, and how we can cultivate fearlessness in order to stand up against the powerful to fight for what’s right and necessary.
For more information on Vandana’s work and to take part in her online courses go to navdanya.org

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