S03E03 - James Pond's Crazy Sports / ClayFighter / International Tennis Open

It's a sports special, with an opening challenge on James Pond's Crazy Sports on the SNES, leading into a finale on International Tennis Open on the Phillips CD-i - which features the best graphics you've ever seen in your life! Plus, a new mini-tournament gets underway as Scorpio and Shadow from Gladiators go head to head on ClayFighter on the Super Nintendo!

It's a big week of games, with Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition (MegaDrive), Space Ace (SNES) and Garfield's Labyrinth (GameBoy) getting reviewed, and GamesMaster helps struggling gamers on Tiny Toon Adventures (MegaDrive), Gunship 2000 (Amiga) and Another World (SNES).

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Theme song by Other Chris

Bed music by TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music

Chiptune remix of "Mr. Vein" by Machine Gaming

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