S02E26 - Shadow of the Beast 3 / NHLPA Ice Hockey 93 / Mortal Kombat

The end is here, and the GamesRig is sinking! But before then, David Newland from Exmouth slays some beasties on Shadow of the Beast 3, ice hockey takes on field hockey as Kevin Conway takes on Sean Kerly on NHLPA Ice Hockey 93, and it's an incredible main event as Andy Thomas challenges Jim McGuyver on the arcade game, Mortal Kombat. FIGHT!

Final Fantasy II (SNES), Dungeon Master (SNES) and Cyberspace (PC) get reviewed, GamesMaster helps struggling players on The New Zealand Story and Gobliins, and we get a look at two upcoming Amiga games in Uridium 2 and Goal!, and a special preview of Michael Jordan In Flight.

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