S02E13 - Santa's Xmas Caper / Volfied / Street Fighter II [feat. The Game Genie Guru]

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas 1992, everyone! On this festive outing, Paul Tucker takes on murderous mince pies of Santa's Xmas Caper, the finals of the Street Fighter II tournament sees GameZone face Mean Machines for multi-format magazine glory, and special guest Bob Holness challenges his grandson Oliver Gibson to Volfied.

Shine your helmets as Super SWIV (SNES), Steel Talons (MegaDrive) and Maximum Overkill: Comanche (PC) get reviewed, GamesMaster helps struggling gamers on Super Soccer, James Pond II: Codename Robocod and The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, and we get a special feature on Action Replay and the Game Genie with Wayne Beckett from Datel, and "The Game Genie Guru" Mark Stoneham. You could easily be in Santa's grotto!

Plus, we're joined by Mark Stoneham to talk about his Game Genie Guru moniker, how he got involved with GamesMaster, and his rather unique job working for Hornby.

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