S02E11 - ABC Sports Presents: The Palm Spring Open / Lotus 3: The Ultimate Challenge / Street Fighter II

One week after GamesMaster Live, Aiden Smith from Leytonstowe swings and misses on ABC Sports Presents: The Palm Spring Open for the Phillips CD-i, Lotus driver Johnny Herbet burns rubber on Lotus 3: The Ultimate Challenge, and it's the first semi-final on GamesMaster's magazine Street Fighter II challenge, as Paul Laken from GameZone takes on Duncan McDonald from Zero!

Tighten up your jockstraps as John Madden '93 (Megadrive), David Crane's Amazing Tennis (SNES) and Sensible Soccer v1.1 (Amiga) get reviewed, GamesMaster helps struggling gamers on Bart Simpson Escape From Camp Deadly, Asterix, and Another World, and we get a special look at GamesMaster Live! Let's all trickle down the gantry from Dominik's chopper!

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