S02E07 - MYTH: History in the Making / American Gladiators / Super Tennis

Tim Cant has a stiff challenge on Myth: History in the Making, Jason Pickford takes on a very stressed out Tristan Grove on Super Tennis, and Jet and Shadow from the UK Gladiators board the GamesRig to play American Gladiators in button-mashing action.

Plus, it's towel-whipping time in the showers with reviews of Speedball 2 (Master System), George Forman's KO Boxing (NES) and World Class Leaderboard (MegaDrive), and GamesMaster helps struggling gamers on The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Mickey Mouse in Castle of Illusion, and Fire & Ice. Although the Castle of Illusion hint is bobbins. Get your anti-chaff cream at the ready!

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