S02E06 - Mole Patrol / WWF Super WrestleMania / King of Monsters 2: The Next Thing [feat. Maffew]

We're busting out the Super Scope as Adam Freeman keeps moles in their holes on Mole Patrol, it's a granny grapple as Aunty Marisha takes on Lettie from Bristol on King of Monsters 2, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan accepts the British Bulldog's challenge on WWF Super WrestleMania as he takes on Hayden Croft from Birmingham.

It's historical simulations (sort of) in the Review Zone as we take a look at Sim City and KGB, GamesMaster helps struggling gamers on Super Mario World, Bart vs. The Space Mutants, and Super Tennis, and a competition is open for GamesMaster viewers to make their own games! Keep your dogs and pussies inside the house in case of big bangs!

Plus, we're joined by Maffew from Botchamania to talk about his love of the show, his knowledge of wrestling, and his memories of *that* Dave Perry incident.

Not only that, but we speak with Duncan Willis to talk about his memories of reviewing Sim City and KGB, and why there wasn't a third review in the episode.

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