S02E01 - Street Fighter II / Who Shot Johnny Rock? / Dragon's Lair 2: Time Warp [feat. Doug Johns]

It's a new season and a new look, as GamesMaster takes over the GamesRig!

Henry Coleman Jr. and Peter Deet battle it out on the brand new Street Fighter II on the SNES, Whose Line is it Anyway star Tony Slattery tries to find out Who Shot Johnny Rock, and Doug Johns tries to avoid death in Dragon's Lair 2: Time Warp!

There's reviews of Krusy's Super Fun House on MegaDrive and Troddlers on Amiga, GamesMaster helps struggling gamers on Super Mario World, Tennis for Game Boy, and the yet-to-be-released Zool, and there's first video footage of what could be the hottest game of 1992, Sonic The Hedgehog 2! It's the second coming!

Plus, we're joined by Doug Johns who didn't just compete on GamesMaster at Dragon's Lair 2, he also happened to be the researcher behind the scenes for the show! Find out how Doug got involved with GamesMaster, what he did for the series, and how he was roped into being a challenger!

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Theme song by Other Chris

Bed music by TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music

8-bit cover of "Ebeneezer Goode" by The Shamen created by Andy Dawson

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