BONUS STAGE - Games World S01E01 [feat. Rik Henderson & Larry Bundy Jr.]

While GamesMaster ruled the video game challenge landscape on Channel 4, and Bad Influence provided something slightly different on CITV, Sky asked Hewland International to pitch them their own challenge-based TV show. That show would become Games World, a 5-night-a-week extravaganza of challenges, cheats, reviews and Videators. In this special bonus episode, Luke and Ash review the first episode of Games World - The Eliminator - which sees challenges on Cash Dash, Super SWIV, Pilotwings, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Plus we speak to one of the show's researchers Rik Henderson, who would not only become an on-screen Videator, but also the lead producer for the revival fourth season. Follow Rik Henderson on Twitter.

And speaking of that fourth season, we speak with Larry Bundy Jr. once again to talk about his experiences being a contestent on Games World - and getting screwed on 1080 Snowboarding. Follow Larry on Twitter and YouTube.

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