BONUS STAGE - GamesMaster Magazine #1

GamesMaster isn't just the UK's greatest video game challenge TV show, it's now also the UK's greatest video game multi-format magazine! Released in December 1992, GamesMaster would run for an impressive 25 years, ending recently in October 2018.

In this bonus episode, Luke and Ash dive into the first issue of the magazine - with news on Street Fighter II on the MegaDrive, Sonic the Hedgehog tearing up the music charts, and the launch of the 3DO! There's previews of Mr. Nutz, James Pond 3: Operation Starfish and Wing Commander on SNES, along with big reviews of The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare, Micro Machines, and *that* review of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. All that and Dominik Diamond's big purple column! It's a lot to get to grips with!

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Listen to Dominik Diamonds' song about Sonic the Hedgehog here 

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