S3E2: The Long Gig

Throughout their history, Phish has constantly sought new ways to break down the barriers between their performance and their audience. Dubbed, The Long Gig (the LG), the band initially conceived of an indoor show where they’d announce to the audience that the doors were locking and they were going to play for 24hrs straight. This idea ultimately evolved into the band’s all-night set at Big Cypress on 12/31/99, and served as an inspiration for The Baker’s Dozen seventeen years later. 

In Undermine S3E2 we explore the concept of residencies in rock music, as well as in New York City, while diving into the evolving structure of a Phish tour which sought to create as immersive an experience as possible for fans. Focusing on the organizational approach to Big Cypress, we highlight the logistics of putting on such an event and how this impacted the band’s decision to set up shop in New York City for three weeks. We close by hearing from the 13er club as they chart through their experiences between the January 2017 announcement of The Baker’s Dozen to the journey of 13 straight Phish shows. The gig is long, but the jams - as we’ll discuss in a later episode - were worth it.

Undermine is brought to you by Osiris Media. Executive Producers are Tom Marshall, RJ Bee, Brain Brinkman, Matt Dwyer, and Benjy Eisen. Produced and edited by Brian Brinkman. Mixed and Mastered by Matt Dwyer. It is written by Benjy Eisen. Production assistance from Rob Mitchum, Matt Bavuso, Christina Collins and Nick Cejas. Original Music by Amar Sastry. Art by Mark Dowd. Thank you to all our interviewees. We’ll see you next week.

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