S2E5: Doors

There’s that moment at every Phish show where we transition from the bliss of the pre-show party to the business at hand of the show itself. We walk in, get our seats, gaze at the stage, and realize how many of us there are to see this incredible band. With this comes the realization that we’re amongst a wide and disparate tribe of people chasing the same thing, oftentimes from different starting points. 

In this episode, we explore those different starting points and the diverse group of fans that make up the Phish fan base. We hear about the challenges some fans face when feeling included in the scene, the obstacles many overcome just to experience a show, and ask some serious questions about who we are as a fanbase. Featuring stories from Malcolm Howard, Shaunea Robinson, Laura Keating, Stephanie Jenkins, and more, we highlight just how many people Phish has attracted, while showcasing ways that we can become a more unified and equal fanbase. 

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