059:Pink Talking Cal Kehoe

Cal Kehoe, guitarist for Pink Talking Fish, talks music with Tom. The two met exactly 10 years ago, and have written three songs together and shared a stage at a Phish after show during the Bakers Dozen in 2017. Listen to Cal discuss PTF and the method and philosophy behind covering three bands.

There's a lot of music in this podcast. "Anthony" from Sonic Boom Studios in Raritan NJ is mentioned several times...but not his last name for some reason...sorry Anthony KRIZAN!!! Anthony and Tom and Cal have written and recorded together.

Those songs along with a lot of Pink Talking Fish are played. Tom and Cal's song Limbo is discussed and played in its entirety at the end of the show.


(BTW...yes, we know that it's actually "Sheep" and not "Dogs".)


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