The Transformational Magic of Energy Activation with Erin Werley (Part 2)

Energy is everything, connecting all of us. When we begin to understand how to activate our personal energy field, we can truly change our lives, eliminate our limiting beliefs, and take control of how we show up in the world. 

In this episode, I am joined for the second time by the incredible Erin Werley. Erin is the bestselling author of the book One Truth, One Law: I am, I create, a guidebook to understanding manifestation and the Universe. Erin first appeared on Episode 47 of Uncover Your Magic and I knew I had to have her on for a second time to learn about how she continues to uncover magic. Go back and listen to that first episode with Erin if you haven't already so you can learn more about her story that has led her to where she is today.   

Throughout this episode, Erin and I have another magical conversation. She gives a quick life update since we last spoke and then dives into the work that she has been doing with energy. She talks about how she was introduced to energy work, what her ‘aha’ moment was about the power of energy, and provides an explanation about how energy connects everything within the Universe. Erin’s life has completely transformed since learning how to activate her personal energy field and I’m so excited for you to hear how it can change your life as well. 

Tune in to Episode 109  of Uncover Your Magic to listen to Part 2 with Erin Werley!

In This Episode You Will Learn 

  • About the transformational lesson Erin learned about energy  (11:41)
  • How energy activation has changed Erin’s life (19:08)
  • What Erin’s purpose is with her work (27:08)
  • Why everything that happens in your life - good or bad - is happening for you (34:35)
  • The two things that Erin teaches about ascension (40:14)
  • How Erin incorporates her work into her parenting (45:15)

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