The Teachings of Josef: A Vibrational Evolution to the 5th Dimension with Cindy Edison

When you consciously choose to focus on your soul's vibration, the loving vibration, to create from, you get into the downhill side of a roller coaster because once you do that, there is no way back: your reality shifts, and you start creating from who your true self. Josef explains that that's how you get your feet wet into the fourth dimension and naturally progress to the fifth. 

In today's episode, we are blessed to be around the loving vibrations of Cindy Edison and learn all about The Teachings of Josef, the vibrational movement we are part of, the transition from the third to the fifth dimension, and more. Cindy is a Conscious Channel for the Collective Consciousness known as Josef, who speaks to us from the vibrations from the New Earth to help us move forward in our evolution to the expanded realms of Consciousness. Although Cindy started hearing Josef's voice in 2003, it wasn't until many years later that she expanded her awareness of them, learned their name, and developed their symbiotical relationship.  

Throughout our conversation, you'll hear Cindy and Josef's story, how they got into each other's vibrational space and timeline, and how they started to work together. You'll also learn Josef's thoughts on the ego, the transition from the third to the fifth dimension, and our soul's vibration. 

Additionally, Cindy shares Josef's Down by The River Process, explains the importance of aligning with one's inner self and teaching our kids to do the same, using spiritual growth and evolution to overcome traumas, and much more.

Tune in to Episode 182 of Uncover Your Magic and be inspired by the loving vibrations of Josef's teachings.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about Cindy and a quick update on Ashley's personal life (3:40)
  • Josef presented themselves the moment Cindy was ready for them, not a second before that (14:00)
  • Josef's thoughts on the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions (22:50)
  • How Josef sees the ego (36:00)
  • Cindy talks about how she communicates with Josef (44:10)
  • The third dimension is a carnival (51:50)
  • If you don't understand how you are creating, you can't understand how to shift what you're creating (1:02:00)

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