Raising Your Perspective Through Meditation with Christina Burkhead

Meditation is the key to inner peace!

In this episode, I’m joined by Christina Burkhead, a psychic/medium and the co-host of the new program That cBd Show. She has used the power of meditation to grow her abilities and eliminate limiting beliefs. She is a big believer in staying present and letting go of the urge the control or change conditions. 

Throughout this episode, Christy shares how a traumatic event in her early 30s impacted her life. She also shares the benefits of staying in the moment and a few tips on how to raise your vibration. Additionally, she’ll share her views on money and abundance and her personal experience with them. 

Tune in to Episode 147 of Uncover Your Magic and hear how meditation helped Christy in her channeling journey.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • Christy describes a traumatic event that happened in her early 30s (08:29)
  • How staying in the moment impacted Christy (12:00)
  • Christy shares a tip on how to raise your vibration (32:31)
  • Christy’s view on money and abundance (34:50)
  • Christy describes her experience with the white light (40:11)

Connect with Christy: 

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