Protecting Our Children with Dr. Pontea Dianati

This episode touches on topics related to sex trafficking and child abuse, that some listeners might find disturbing.

Have you noticed how powerful today’s children are? They are kinder, heart-centered, and very sensitive to the energies surrounding them.

In this episode, I am joined by the amazing Dr. Pontea Dianati, a radiance coach and healer. Dr. Pontea is the founder of Soul Radiance Healing. She offers a gentle, warm, loving, and direct style of healing that incorporates an array of holistic methods based on your individual needs. Today, she’ll help us understand what needs to be done to protect our children and what we can do to help them fulfill their true potential.

Throughout this episode, Dr. Pontea Dianati and I discuss the environment we are bringing up children in and the challenges it presents. She also shares her experience working with children and the lessons she’s learned from them. Additionally, she hares with us how the fifth dimension will be and its difference from the third dimension. 

Tune in to Episode 144 of Uncover Your Magic and hear how Dr. Pontea is helping children heal from trauma.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • The most common challenges that children face (08:14)
  • What is needed to protect children (13:04)
  • Where Dr. Pontea sees the world going (22:47)
  • Dr. Pontea's views on the abilities of the children that are being born (32:25)
  • Dr. Pontea explains the difference between 3D and 5D (42:33)

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