Life is Eternal: Simplifying the Universe Mechanisms with Dominic Zenden

What if the universe, life, past lives, and reincarnations were much simpler than we think? What if we finally realize life is eternal, and we can do this again, and again, and again? Wouldn't that be utterly liberating? 

In this episode, I have the pleasure of presenting Dominic Zenden for the third time on the show. In this opportunity, our conversation goes even deeper. I appeal to Dominic's unique perspective to discuss the universe, soul-to-soul connections, UFOs, frequencies and vibrations, paranormal activities, poltergeists, and more. Dominic is an Aura Photographic Profiling expert, Author, Teacher, Public Speaker, and the host of Dial the Cosmos podcast. 

Throughout this episode, you'll learn if frequencies and vibrations have a match, Dominic's unique perspective on the universe, how things actually work around us, and why he believes paranormal activities aren't really paranormal. You'll also hear about mimic ghosts, poltergeists, soul memory, and soul-to-soul communications. 

Additionally, Dominic shares his thoughts on angels and ascended masters, UFOs' presence in mainstream media in the last couple of months, mediumship, and a lot more. 

Tune in to Episode 180 of Uncover Your Magic and let yourself be taken away by Dominic's wisdom and healthy habit of gifting us tons of food for thought. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Should deep connections with strangers be that rare? (7:50)
  • Why Dominic believes the universe is way simpler than we think (18:50)
  • What makes poltergeist scary (33:50)
  • Soul memory and soul-to-soul communications. Do our organs have memory? (46:50)
  • We do not choose our time of passing; we contribute to it (55:50)

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