Just Be Love, No Agenda. An Insightful Conversation with Sidney Campos

Questioning reality is as healthy as it can be confronting and scary, and it is completely normal to "fall apart" in the middle of that process. How can we get good at "playing" the game of life, being at peace with what we are ashamed of, and finding clarity amid our messiness, awkwardness, and weirdness? 

For the first episode of 2024, I'm joined by a handpicked guest, the enlightening Sidney Campos. Sidney is a Visionary, Energy Expert, Strategy and Innovation Advisor, Transformational Facilitator, and the Best-selling Author of two books, "The Empath Experience" and "I'm Ascending, Now What?" She is the Founder of Akashic Facilitator Training and Lead Instructor of the Embodied Ascension Academy. 

Throughout our conversation, you'll hear about Sidney's harsh and self-destructive past, the several rock-bottoms she hit, and her physical, mental, and spiritual healing journey. Sidney also shares her thoughts on Akashic Records, Akashic fields, and meeting the universe halfway. You'll also hear Sidney's insights on the game of life, the importance of healing shame, and how to create spaces that will make us feel comfortable enough to share our most shameful secrets.

Additionally, you'll hear about the best way to contribute and support the collective ascension the world is going through, spiritual ascension and soul integration, authentic connections and vulnerability, and much more.

Tune in to Episode 195 of Uncover Your Magic and learn more about Sidney's beautiful insights on being all love with no agenda.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Sidney shares bits of her self-destructive past (11:10)
  • About Sidney's healing journey (19:00)
  • What are Akashic Records to Sidney, and how they got into her life (24:10)
  • Why are we here? (35:20)
  • Taking the pressure off of life by seeing it as a game (41:50)
  • Sidney talks about her awakening (52:00)
  • Authentic Relating and Embodied Facilitation (1:06:00)

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