How A Near Death Experience Uncovered Her Psychic Senses with Ginny Jablonksi

A near death experience is a life changing event no matter what, but imagine waking up from it to discover that you have spiritual gifts that you didn’t have before…

In this episode, I am joined by the amazing Ginny Jablonksi. After a near death experience from an opioid prescription, Ginny’s life forever changed when she woke up with clairvoyant (clear inner sight), clairsentient (clear feelings of sensations), and claircognizant (clear hearing) skills. She is able to perceive multiple energetic constructs including chakras, meridians and the nervous system. Through her work today, Ginny’s primary focus is to promote the evolution of inner species - humans, animals, and plants - consciousness and understand how prior trauma affects their relationships. 

Throughout this episode, Ginny talks with me about the near death experience that uncovered her psychic senses. You will hear about what she has uncovered with her spiritual gifts, what her perspective on the future of the world is, how she communicates with animals and plants, why it’s important to be self aware and self responsible, and so much more. 

Tune in to Episode 129  of Uncover Your Magic and hear about Ginny’s jaw-dropping journey!

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • About the near-death experience that changed Ginny’s life  (6:58)
  • Ginny’s perspective on what the future of the world is (13:38)
  • What Ginny’s husband has thought about her spiritual gifts (21:56)
  • Ginny’s communication with animals and plants  (23:37)
  • How Ginny connected to her soul and how she helps others do the same (36:50)
  • The power in self awareness and self responsibility (49:00)

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