Healing Through Channeling with Wendy Kennedy

Are you connected to your guide?

In this episode, I’m joined by Wendy Kennedy, an Internationally recognized intuitive empath and channel sharing galactic wisdom for earthly life. For more than two decades, she has used her gifts and abilities to work with beings in other realms and dimensions to assist people in attaining a more whole and integrated life. The clear and compassionate wisdom shared through Wendy facilitates a shift in perspective from separation and limitation to connection and multidimensional existence.

Throughout this episode, Wendy shares how she discovered her gift and eventually started channeling. She also shares what is causing the ongoing change in frequency and how it will impact the world. Additionally, she explains how the guides work and what one needs to do to create a stronger connection that improves message clarity.

Tune in to Episode 135  of Uncover Your Magic and hear how Wendy Kennedy helps people reconnect with their hearts!

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • How Wendy discovered her gift (07:07)
  • Things you can do to release judgment (19:57)
  • Wendy explains the concept of time (29:29)
  • Why Wendy does not ask questions regarding the future (38:57)
  • Wendy explains the shift from lower frequencies to higher frequencies (42:50)

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