Healing the Inner Child: A Conversation with Practical Mystic Nicole Frolick

Would you like to unravel the unconscious programming controlling your life from behind the scenes? 

In today's episode, the amazing Nicole Frolick joins us to talk about inner child work, parenting, feminine and masculine energy, self-care, plant medicine, personal growth, and more. Nicole is a Practical Mystic and Intuitive Healer, experienced in Inner Child Healing and helping people reclaim their one's Secret Self, uncovering their hidden and most valuable talents, strengths, and untapped purpose of the soul. She has over 25 years of experience healing the mind, body, and soul connection and hosts The Enlighten Up Podcast. 

Throughout this episode, you'll hear about Nicole's healing journey, the courage she got from doing inner child work to face the parts of her she'd been running from her entire life, and her thoughts on the unconscious patterns childhood traumas make us repeat. You'll also hear Nicole's thoughts on feminine and masculine energy, how her life changed after reconnecting with her feminine energy, and how she sees the universal desire to control things. 

Additionally, Nicole shares her experiences with ayahuasca, explains why she believes plant medicine and psychedelics are major contributors to the collective awakening manifesting in the world, and more.

Tune in to Episode 190 of Uncover Your Magic and learn how healing your inner child and past traumas can transform your present and future. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Nicole talks about her background and her particular relationship with her father (7:40)
  • How inner child work can turn parenting into a different ball game (18:50)
  • The importance of getting in touch with our feminine energy (27:20)
  • Our healing journey is a transition, not a light switch (37:00)
  • Nicole shares her experiences with ayahuasca (39:40)
  • Why plant medicine is such a powerful healer (52:00)

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Inner Child Work - Collective Awakening - Plant Medicine and Psychedelics 

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