Finding Your Soul’s Path with Brighid Murphy

Are you tapping into what you want?

In this episode, I’m joined by Brighid Murphy, a healer, and a shaman. She's a founder of the Path to Power program, where she empowers people to heal from within. She's a certified shamanic practitioner with the church of Earth Healing and an ordained interfaith minister. Brighid empowers people to activate deep inner wisdom and rise above old patterns and beliefs to unlock their ability to heal and transform their lives.

Throughout this episode, Brighid shares with us when and how she discovered her gift. She also shares with us the process she goes through to help her clients find their true soul’s paths. Additionally, she shares how she helps people heal by getting in touch with their bodies.

Tune in to Episode 138  of Uncover Your Magic and hear how Brighid helps people find their soul’s path.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • How Brighid discovered her gift (07:11)
  • What Brighid did when she got COVID (14:47)
  • How Brighid helps clients find their soul’s path (20:27)
  • The tools she uses as a shamanic practitioner (33:56)
  • Why you should spend time in the liminal space (41:25)

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