Exploring Interdimensional Realms. An Eye-Opening Discussion with Geraldine Orozco

What if I told you that interactions with interdimensional beings in other dimensional realms are more common than you think, and we all can access them? 

Joining me today is the wonderful Geraldine Orozco. Geraldine is a Holographic DNA Re-programmer, Quantum and Shamanic Energy Healer, Mediation and QIGong Instructor, Ascension Coach, Radio Host, Writer, and Speaker. Her story is part of the 16-time winning Documentary "Extraordinary the Seeding," she also appeared in "Unidentified" with Demi Lovato and on Travel Chanel's UFO Witness with Ben Hansen. 

An Interdimensional Contact in the fall of 2013 changed Geraldine's life, making her question her perception of reality. Her psychic abilities peaked. Her physical sensitivity became so sharp that she heard and felt the fluids, feelings, and emotions running through people's bodies when they stood before her. The new sensations were so overwhelming that she had to stay home for months. Time and several hypnotherapy sessions helped Geraldine integrate her new abilities, which opened a new level of information; she then decided to, among other things, understand the truth of contact of the hybridization programs. 

Throughout this episode, Geraldine shares dozens of golden nuggets on interdimensional interactions, beings, and realms, the Planet Maya, hybridization, and the fifth dimension. She describes with incredibly vivid details her interactions with interdimensional beings, the lessons learned in these experiences, and how they changed not only her life but her perception of reality.

Additionally, Geraldine talks about lucidity in dream states, incarnations, the constellation of seven lights, and much, much more. 

Tune in to Episode 185 of Uncover Your Magic and allow yourself to, at least, question your perception of reality. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Geraldine's three stages of awakening (14:00)
  • Geraldine talks about the interdimensional interaction that changed her life (22:00)
  • The overwhelming sensation of psychic abilities on steroids (40:00)
  • We are all interdimensional creators (1:10:00)
  • Geraldine shares her thoughts on the fifth dimension (1:26:10)

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