Caring for Your Spiritual Health: Insights from International Certified Certified Psychic Medium Calise Simone

How consistent are you with the practices that guarantee your spiritual well-being? 

Just as proper nutrition, daily exercise, and scheduled time for relaxation are crucial to keeping our mental and physical health on point, nurturing spiritual practices, meditation, and surrounding ourselves with grounded people are vital for our spiritual well-being. 

In today's episode, I share my conversation with the International Certified Psychic Medium and Spiritual teacher, Calise Simone, with whom I synchronistically ran into a few weeks ago. Born from a lineage of Mediums and Intuitives in Australia and now based in New York, Calise reads for celebrities on the L.A. Music Award-winning podcast "Calling Out," alongside hosting and producing the "Third Eye Mind" podcast. 

We had a fantastic conversation about Calise's gifts, which had been with her since she was a child, her previous life working in finances at Wall Street, and her decision to follow and nurture her intuitive abilities. Calise also shares her thoughts on manifestation, the importance of committing to caring for our spiritual health, and how banking happiness can help us go through difficult times.

Additionally, Calise explains mediumship's different levels, the seven tiers between the physical world and God, angels, reincarnation, karma, and much more.

Tune in to Episode 184 of Uncover Your Magic and learn more about caring for your spiritual well-being and how to do it properly. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Calise talks about the advantages of getting a reading from someone you don't know (14:00)
  • Recognizing vibration levels and free will (23:00)
  • About mediumship's different levels (39:00)
  • Calise talks about her mentors (42:10)
  • The more incarnations you have, the wiser you get (48:40)

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Caring for Your Spiritual Well-being - Bank Happiness for the Though Times - Psychic Medium Readings

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