Awakening Humanity with Lorie Ladd

What role are you playing in shifting the earth’s frequency?

In this episode, I’m joined by Lorie Ladd, a spiritual teacher, author, and thought leader specializing in the evolution of human consciousness. Lorie is the author of ‘The Divine Design’ and the founder of EVOLVE, an online community that gives people an opportunity to connect to like-minded Souls all around the world. Her teachings and guidance have helped millions of people navigate the current planetary shifts, embody Sovereignty, and remember the divine design held within the human experience.  

Throughout this episode, Lorie shares how she discovered her gift and the journey leading to it. She also shares how she experienced the galactic federation of light and how they helped her write her book. Additionally, she shares why earth made the clarion call and how different volunteers answered the call.

Tune in to Episode 141 of Uncover Your Magic and hear how Lorie is helping in awakening humanity.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • How Lorie discovered her gift (16:14)
  • How Lorie experiences the galactic federation of light (23:52)
  • How having a higher awareness impacts us (29:47)
  • How the galactic federation helped Lorie in writing her book (31:50)
  • The different ways of shifting the planet’s frequency (35:20)


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