Akashic Records. A Googe Search for Your Soul with Laura Coe

We've been educated to believe that our mind is the center of our life experience and that everything will work out if we work hard enough in the direction our mind leads us. Still, we must find the connection to ourselves, regardless of what's happening, and allow and trust that energy of self to flow through this existence, in which we all are, despite not knowing what we are doing here. 

In this episode, I'm joined by the Akashic Records Teacher and Channel, Laura Coe, to discuss her awakening, parenting, her intimate relationship with arts and philosophy, learn about Twin Flames, and more. Growing up in an almost atheist household, Laura always had the slight sensation that life had more to it than most people saw, felt, and experienced. After going down the philosophy route, writing a book, hosting over 150 episodes in her podcast, and selling a health tech company she built and grew with her brother, that slight sensation became an unavoidable truth. Laura knew she had to stop following her mind and unravel the path to her soul. She met her Twin Flame, who introduced her to the Akashic Records, and the rest is history. 

Throughout our conversation, Laura talks about her upbringing, her idea to become a Philosophy professor, and her relentless desire for connection with her soul, which led her to write "Emotional Obesity" and Host the super-successful podcast "The Art of Authenticity." Laura also explains what the Akashic Records are, how to access them, and why she believes all of us can learn how to do Akashic readings.

Additionally, Laura shares her thoughts on parenting, explains Twin Flames, talks about the three books she channeled, and much more. 

Tune in to Episode 183 of Uncover Your Magic and learn more about Akashic Records, the space that holds your soul's energy.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Laura's upbringing (12:10)
  • From philosophy professor to entrepreneur (16:00)
  • Following the universe's breadcrumbs (22:20)
  • What is a Twin Flame? (29:40)
  • Laura's first encounter with Akashic Records (32:30)
  • A Google search for your soul (49:10)
  • The universe is speaking to us all the time (1:03:00)

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Akashic Records - Twin Flames and Soul Mates - A Google Search for Your Soul

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