Achieving Spiritual Awakening with Hamilton Souther

How do you achieve spiritual awakening?

In this episode, I’m joined by Hamilton Souther, founder of Blue Morpho, a retreat center in Peru - in the Amazon. It is one of the longest-standing and most renowned shamanic retreat providers. He is also a shamanic workshop guide focusing on the universal spiritual philosophy. Hamilton has a bachelor's degree in anthropology and has studied shamanism in California, Cusco, and the Amazon.

In this episode, Hamilton shares a personal story leading to his moving to Peru. He also shares how he got his spiritual awakening and its impact on him. Additionally, Hamilton shares what Blue Morpho retreats involve and the feedback he has received from people who have attended the retreat.

Listen to Episode 145 of Uncover Your Magic and hear Hamilton’s journey to spiritual awakening!

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • Events that led to Hamilton discovering his magic (06:15)
  • Hamilton’s first Ayahuasca ceremony (20:11)
  • Hamilton explains the purpose of setting an intention before an Ayahuasca journey (34:09)
  • How Hamilton views death (39:57)
  • Hamilton explains his diet (01:12:42)


Connect with Hamilton  

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