Facing Your Fear

One of the greatest battles we fight with 'self' is over fear. Fear has such tremendous power to control, and eventually destroy us, but did you know that most fear is based on lies? The father of lies deftly traffics in deception and so keeps us perennially trapped in fear. This is by design for if we knew, and walked, in the power of faith and truth satan knows he would lose us as pawns forever. Today, you can see these lies continually as the media uses them to create fear and control every aspect of our lives. This is the tactic of the enemy.

Homer and Wanda have traveled deep into the valley of fear only to find that it consists of nothing but shadows and phantoms. With God guiding and providing their family survived 3 1/2 years of homelessness as they persevered in faith. In this episode they discuss the importance of how facing your fear is the bedrock to walking in faith.


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