Gender Identity + Gender Affirming Surgery

What does “Gender Identity” mean? And how could the decision to go through gender affirming surgery impact a relationship?
In this episode of Uncomfortable, Deb chats with Vancouver’s favourite queer podcasters Sara & Chloe about Sara’s decision to go through gender affirming surgery. Sara talks us through their decision and why the surgery is important to them. And Chloe tells us how she felt when Sara shared this decision with her.  
About Chloe & Sarah:
Chloe is a queer, disabled feminist. She has worked in the non-profit sector for most of her adult life. In her free time, she produces and co-hosts the independent podcast Warriors, Bards N’ Brews with her spouse, Sara. The podcast was born of their mutual love of Xena: Warrior Princess and queer media in general (and their inability to stop talking about it). She is also a cohost of Feminist Killjoys: A Music Podcast  with Sara. She also enjoys photography, being a cat mom, and craft beer.
Sara is a grad school escapee who still studies pop culture and gender theory for fun. When not at work in the nonprofit sector and being a part-time beer wrangler, they cohost Warriors Bards ‘n Brews (A Xena Podcast) with their wife and homicidal housecat, and also cohost Feminist Killjoys: A Music Podcast. They also spend a lot of time yelling about queer things on the internet.   

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