"From Foster Care to Fashion: Ginny's Journey"

Trigger Warning: This podcast episode does include discussion around topics such as sexual assault, domestic violence and drug use. We acknowledge that this content may be difficult. Ginny and Aj also encourage you to care for your safety and well-being.

Today’s conversation is hard. We just need to tell you that from the get-go.

Join us as we listen to Ginny tell her story of her journey from a childhood spent in foster care and catapulting into business and the fashion industry.

We need you to listen with us, to sit with us in her story, so that we can walk away with a better understanding of the impacts that Foster care can have on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, how we might be able to step in, to identify warning signs for other children, and to know how to walk with and celebrate those who have endured and come out the other side.

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