UK Tech Weekly Podcast - Episode Six: The Internet of Board Games (IoBG) + The Budget & AlphaGo

In this week's UK Tech Weekly Podcast host Matt Egan is joined by first time podder Tamlin Magee (1:50), online editor at, to discuss the UK tech implications of this year's Budget, including rural broadband and driverless cars.

Then Christina Mercer, assistant online editor at, chats AlphaGo (10:00) and board games following the AI's historic win over world Go champion Lee Sedol.

Later, resident Virtual Reality (VR) enthusiast and staff writer Lewis Painter discussed "the big three" VR headset release dates, pricing and features from HTC, Sony Playstation and Oculus Rift (19:00).

Finally, UKTW Podcast regular David Price, acting editor at chats about Apple's big upcoming event (28:45).