Episode 47 - The Internet of War Lasers (IoWL) Best tech of 2016, CES and war tech

The first pod of 2017 explodes into view like your hangover on January 1st with host David Price probing the panel on its blurry eyed take on tech in the New Year.

Ashleigh Macro, Engagement Editor of PC Advisor and Macworld UK returns to the pod to recap the expected and unexpected tech of 2016. Will Apple and Amazon reign supreme?

Then Chris Martin, Consumer Tech Editor at PC Advisor, hot off the plane from CES in Las Vegas to discuss what was hot and what was really not at the largest tech show in the world.

To top it off with some New Year optimism is pod debutant Tom MacAulay, Online Editor at Computerworld UK to let us know all the good (but mainly bad) things we can expect in warfare tech in the next decade.