Episode 98 - The Internet of Banning Idiots (IoBI) Infowars, new phone hype and the Millennium Dome

This week on the UK Tech Weekly Podcast our host Scott Carey talks to Macworld editor David Price about the ever-controversial Alex Jones and why the big tech companies are finally stepping up their efforts to ban him from their platforms. Editors note: we recorded this on Thursday before Twitter finally started to take some measures against Jones, without outright banning him.

Next our resident phone nerd and consumer tech editor at Tech Advisor Henry Burrell talks about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the latest iPhone X rumours and how Apple and Google are trying to make you use your phone less.

Lastly Techworld editor Charlotte Jee takes us on a trip down memory lane to talk about the utopian vision of the Millennium Experience, how it reflected the values of a New Labour government and its legacy.