Episode 90 - The Internet of Meaty Topics (IoMT) Digital afterlife, net neutrality and GDPR emails

Oh boy what a meaty session we have for you as Christina Mercer, Somrata Sarkar, David Price and Henry Burrell tackle three whopics (whopping topics) head on.

Somrata takes us into the sometimes scary thoughts of our own digital afterlives. Should we be worried that we'll end up as misrepresentative chat bots one day? Who will have the authority to police the companies that harvest our data?

Then Christina explains the knife edge America is on when it comes to net neutrality. Despite recent hope, there's still a chance the web across the pond will be ruthlessly metered and segmented.

Finally David asks us if we've checked our unused email accounts recently, as there might be a lot of desperate noodle companies in there begging you to stay on their mailing lists.