Episode 96 - The Internet of Automation (IoA) IBM and the Third Reich, Facebook slump and MacBook Pro woes

Join host Henry Burrell in hot as hell London town to bring you 40 minutes of air conditioned tech chat.

Tamlin Magee talks us through the murky ways IBM helped the Third Reich in the Thirties and Forties with data collection and asks what responsibility tech companies have today to ensure their work does not contribute to evil.

Charlotte Jee then analyses Facebook's stock price slump, asking why it happened and does it really affect the company? The team muses on Facebook as a whole and the fascinating if polarising Zuckerberg.

Finally Macworld's David Price chats about the new MacBook Pros and how Apple has already fixed the major flaw in the high-end model - but why did they ship this way? Is Apple less concerned with quality control these days?

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