Episode 48 - The Internet of the International Ruling Class (IotIRC) Nintendo Switch, Davos and app prices

Host Matt Egan clips us round the ear and tells us to listen up as we chat yet more tech and then some other stuff about tech.

Consumer tech editor at PC Advisor Chris Martin lays down his definitive opinion after he went hands on with the Nintendo Switch this week, and why the company really should have had their star plumber ready in time for launch.

Tamlin Magee, Online Editor at Computerworld UK then takes us through the odd goings on at Davos, and whether or not the elite can identify with what tech actually means to real working people.

To round us up, Acting Macworld UK Editor David Price explains why app prices are going up in the UK for iOS users, and why it might - might - not be UKIP's fault. Sort of. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy